Luperco is customer focused

Luperco services

Services tailored to our customer needs

Our mission is to improve our customers products by delivering services for improving their embedded software. At the end of the line, our success depends on the success of our customers. Therefore we offer following services:

  • Design services, brainstorming and advice
  • Driver development and Board support packages
  • Trouble shooting: solving stability and performance issues

Some example projects issued recently:

  • Building drivers generating a communication link for asymmetrical use of multi core systems (for instance one core running RTOS other Linux).
  • Driver framework for ASIC vendor, so that the ASIC can easily be integrated on multiple HW/SW platforms.
  • Deeply embedded software, such as assembler running on a small ASIC (less than 1K instructions).
  • Software performance improvements (by different profiling and analysis techniques).

On our technology blog you can find more cases we worked on.

The only way to make correct decisions is to understand how things work. “The drive to learn and to understand” is the most important property of our collaborators.
Trouble solving mind
We have an un-biased look to embedded systems and as a result we can detect problems that are otherwise overlooked.
We believe in software quality. This starts with a correct analysis and top down design. During the development it means clean interfaces, well documented code, avoiding complex code as much as possible.
Technology transfer
It is not our aim to become owner of your embedded project. The reverse is true, we want to provide good designs and transfer expertise towards your company so you can continue developing your product yourself.